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Gina’s Journey: The Story of William Grimes — Opens November 3, 2016 Oakland, CA

by Pettis Perry

Gina’s Journey is the story of William Grimes who was slave and who wrote the first slave narratives. It is a compelling story of his life and times during slavery and afterwards once he gained his freedom. It is also the story of Regina Mason’s Journey to understand her Great, Great, Great, Grandfather as part of her family legacy.

This was the last film in which Michael F. Lange acted. The film is opening to a private showing of family members, cast, and crew on November 3, 2016, 7:00 pm at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California ahead of making its way to a number of film festivals nationwide and internationally.


Gina’s Journey Trailer from Your Media 2 LLC on Vimeo.

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