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The Michael F. Lange Foundation Approved Strategic Planning Framework May 14, 2016

Initiatives and Program Areas

Collaboration and Capacity Building (Pettis Perry, Editor)

  • Healthy Organizations and Technical Assistance
    • Leader training and development
    • Management training and development
    • Volunteer training and development
    • Board development
    • Resource development
  • Global Network Development
    • Impact Advocacy
    • Network Development
    • Collaborations

Economic Development (Cheryl Perry-League, Editor)

  • Community Economic Development
    • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
    • Micro loans
    • Wealth Accumulation and Management
  • Homelessness and Transitional Living

Education and the Arts (W. Darrell Ovid, Editor)

  • Literacy through the arts
  • Literacy for human development (e.g., Raising A Reader and Early Childhood Education)
  • Social Impact Arts (films, theatrical productions, positive cause related productions)
  • Parenting and Family Support
  • Transformative learning (experiential learning)
  • STEAM (budding inventors and artists)
  • Community Reentry and Reintegration of disenfranchised groups

Environment (Vacant)

  • Clean water
  • Energy
  • Sustainable Farming and Community Gardens
  • Environmental awareness and experiencing nature

Health and Wellness (Matthew Perry, Editor)

  • Seniors
  • Disabled and Special Populations
  • Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Mental health