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The mission of the Michael F. Lange Foundation

Mission Statement

To support and promote global social change, social justice, and peace.

Purpose Statement

To generate financial and other forms of support for individuals and organizations globally who are meeting the expressed purposes of the foundation as defined by The Michael F. Lange Foundation mission statement, and articulated in its vision statement, projected initiatives, and framed by its goals as established by the Board of Directors. When deemed necessary by the Board of Directors The Michael F. Lange Foundation will offer direct programs and services to selected constituent groups.

Vision Statements

Social Change
Social change means the improvement of the quality of life for all persons by challenging systemic and cultural barriers through the process of self-examination, lifelong learning, awareness of humanity, and constructive listening.

Social Justice

Social Justice means valuing diversity and challenging injustices, and promotes equal economic opportunities and political and social rights for all.


Peace means having love, compassion, and empathy for all persons, and promotes integrity and acceptance, and safe havens for truth telling, tolerance, cooperation, and collaboration.